What We Can Offer You for your Stay

The Basics and the Little Luxuries

  1. Basic Welcome Pack
    Basic Welcome Pack
  2. Extra Items or Services
    Extra Items or Services
  3. Shopping Service
    Shopping Service
Your rental fee includes all linens and towels including bathrobes and
beach towels; heating, gas and power;
wifi (limited download amount);
bin and cleaning charges;
and a basic Welcome Pack.
The basic Welcome Pack includes one toilet roll, hand soap, kitchen paper, one dishwasher tab, one washing machine tab, wash-up liquid, cooking oil, salt and pepper, some teabags and freshly ground coffee, a little milk and sugar... so you can have a cuppa on arrival while you settle in. There will also be enough fuel to light a fire in the stove.
​The welcome pack includes up to date information on what is happening and available to do in Achill and the surrounding area during your stay, including brochures.
Hillside Cottage has a day kennel available for use for outdoor pets only. Guests are asked to bring their pet's own bedding and feeding equipment.
​No pets are allowed inside.

We can occasionally offer guests a pick-up service from the pubs or restaurants which are within a half-hour walk of Hillside Cottage... if you want to walk there but are not too keen to walk home, we can come and collect you at a pre-arranged time, up to midnight.

We are building a supply of outdoor equipment and weather gear to suit light packers: see lists below.

Please contact us in advance to see if we can accomodate you regarding other baby equipment or extra toys and games for your children.
Special Welcome Packs can be arranged for a fee, tailored to suit your group, your requirements and your arrival time...
Parents with small children arriving late? - perhaps some juice, breakfast cereal and extra milk so you can have a lie-in before heading to the supermarket in the morning...
Romantic getaway? - perhaps some chilled champagne and strawberries and the fire already lighting...
Girls night in? - perhaps a nice bottle of red wine or some chilled white and some chocolate...
Or we can arrange to have all of your initial basic groceries and supplies purchased and in place in time for your arrival. This includes food, beverages, fuels and toiletries: although we may not be able to source special dietary requirements locally.
Special Welcome Packs and Shopping Service will incur a small fee for provision of the service (dependant on the extent of your requirements). Minimum fee to provide service is €10,  additional to cost of items purchased.
These services must be arranged by email with your specific shopping list a minimum of five days in advance of arrival, and supply is dependent on local availability. Cost of actual items supplied will be exactly as per receipt from supermarket / supplier and must be reimbursed to the owner in cash on arrival.
Transport in the evenings is dependent on the owners being in Achill and available at the time of your stay.
Please phone early in the day to request this service.
Current Outdoor Equipment Available
These lists are updated regularly as items are changed: please re-check here before you travel if you intend to use these items.
  1. Wetsuits (please request - stored separately)
    Childrens: Shorties: age 4-6 x 2 (pink, green); age 8-10 x 2 (blue); age 10-12 x 2 (pink, red). Childrens: Full-length: age 6-8 (pink); age 8-10 x 2 (green, red); age 10-12 (green). Childrens Shoes: sizes 28, 30, 31, 32 (x3).
  2. Raincoats (please request - stored separately)
    Childrens: 3 for ages 3-4, 3 for ages 5-6, 3 for ages 7-8, 2 for ages 9-10, age 14. Adults: Ladies size 12
  3. Hiking Boots
    Adult: size 5 (38), size 6 (39), size 7 (40). Childrens size 13 (32); size 1 (31), 2 x size 2 (33).
  4. Wellington Boots
    Childrens: size 7 (24) (pink); size 10 (28); size 11 (30); size 11.5 (30); size 12 (31); size 13 (32) (purple). Ladies: size 5 (38). Snow-boot type: size 12 (31) x2; size 2 (33) x2; size 3 (34) x2 (1 pink); size 6 (39).
  5. Bicycles
    4 Childrens bikes: 20" (pink), 27" (x 2), 28" 6 Adult bikes: Ladies: 34", Mens: 33", 34", 35", 37", 39" (heights are measured from ground to top of saddle)